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How To Wear Hoodies Like An Athleisure Queen

athleisure queen hoodie

Athleisure has somewhat become the reigning trend in the high-street fashion sphere. Hence the iconic athleisure queen hoodies that are a part of the trend, tend to become increasingly popular among women. Hence, manufacturers are increasingly producing such pieces that tend to be popular amongst customers. From hoodies to t-shirts and even tanks, there’s a huge array of clothing that you can choose from that will ultimately make your customers happy.

Hence, if you want to include these apparel products in your store make sure to get in touch with one of the popular custom hoodies manufacturer. Meanwhile read on to know more about the different hoodie styles , women can sport this season.

Plus-Sized Technique

If you’re a plus sized woman then select a cropped hoodie that can be paired with a high -waisted skinny jeans and matte pumps. You can play around with different types of colors like pastel or neon’s as these are trending this year. If you want to make your hoodie the statement of the outfit, then make sure to opt for a dark denim pant.

Goth Vibes

Channel your inner Goth diva for one of the rainy days of the winter. You browse for colors like marsala, violet, charcoal black and even grey. The idea here is to create mystical layers with your clothing. Hence, all you need to do is wear a neutral toned tee with a black hoodie and grey pants. To add the touch of a stand-out color , make sure to layer a maroon trench coat on top.

Spring Break

Sometimes you need the cute hoodie outfit for spring as well. Hence, opt for a dusty pink hoodie with a cute botanical print. For the bottom-wear, you can opt for a ripped denim shorts . In fact you can also team up the hoodie with a pair of cycling shorts to add some sporty vibes to the outfit.

Laidback Lookout

The laidback look is really in, especially among the dorm dwellers. You don’t need to put much effort into the clothing as all you’ll need is a hoodie, tee and capri leggings. This outfit is also perfect for the those gym days when you don’t have to train much and need to run errands followed by the exercise session. For the shoes, opt for something that you’ll wear for the training, i.e. cushioned sneakers.

Feminine Persona

You don’t always have to gear up in pants for creating an ideal hoodie outfit. Hence, for this outfit make sure to include a plaid skater skirt with a black and white. Sometimes channeling a monochromatic look can be fun instead of opting for the conventional pastel vibes.

Uber-Chic Pink

The uber chic tones are pretty popular among young women. To channel the timeless look , all you need is a black hoodie, grey plaid pants and a pink trench coat. This outfit is perfect for the boring days of the spring . You can wear this outfit to the workplace as well as the romantic dinner followed by it.

Business owners who want to include fashionable women’s hoodie in their store can get in touch with polo zip up hoodie manufacturer. All you need to do is browse through the unique assemblage of apparel pieces that the manufacturer has in store. Select the pieces that you want to include in your store and state the bulk needs to the customer care team.



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