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Here’s How The Hoodie Has Transformed Over The Years!

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Hoodies have been a part of casual and street style for years now and there is plenty of things that make it great. From guarding yourself in the cold to making yourself look like an underground rap artist, hoodies have a lot of qualities.

However, in recent times, custom hoodies manufacturer companies are doing anything but making it look conventional. There is plenty of swagger for everybody, and yet this apparel is transforming – and for the better.

In this blog, we are going to list 3 latest hoodie designs that have deviated from the conventional fashion and yet are scoring high points. Want to find out what these are? Let’s take a look.

The Baja Hoodie

This Mexican native dress is being transformed slowly and steadily into one of the most sought after hoodie designs. The Baja hoodie comes with a different feel, and gives a sort of casual and hippie vibe.

When it comes to comfort and utility, this apparel scores the big points as well – because it looks and feels durable, and is worn with an extremely comfortable fit. If you want to be a part of the global culture and look like one, then adding this hoodie to your wardrobe is essential.

The Baja hoodie also keeps you cool in the sun and goes with almost anything – be it khaki pants or distressed denims

The Body Hug Hoodie

When you are looking for a hoodie that is a little different from the casual and looks more like a party wear, then the body hug hoodie is your thing. It clings to the body and its made from combed cotton blended with spandex, which makes it stretchable.

Another thing about the body hug hoodie that sets it apart from the regular ones, is the asymmetrical positioning of the zip. Often it is also a ornamental zip and does not open the whole way.

The hoodie positioning of the body hug hoodie makes it a very easy to be used as a neck comforter during the cold season as well. This apparel is a great match for narrow fit jeans worn with high top sneakers

The Denim Jacket with Hoodie

Another latest hoodie that is making a mark in the casual fashion department is the denim jacket with a hoodie. The denim has always been one of the best jacket options ever, and adding a hoodie has made it even more epic.

Hoodie manufacturers NYC make the hoodie and often the sleeves portion as well with combed cotton to make it more comfortable. The colors are matched with a light contrast for a better look – and that is what makes it look even more new age.

These are the 3 latest hoodie designs that come far off from the conventional hoodie and stand testament to how the apparel has changed and adapted over the years. So, get it for your wardrobe now, and if you are a retailer, then bulk order from the best manufacturer today!


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