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The subtle art of embracing Mexican Baja hoodies to try out hippie inspired looks

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The Baja jackets or drug rugs are also known as Mexican thread hoodies originated mainly in Mexico. They were rather infamous for being associated with addicts, cannabis, Hippie and surf culture. Considered as a part of the cholo style, these jackets were once traditionally worn by Mexican-American and Mexican youth only. Today, they have become an important part of the mainstream global fashion scenario, and apart from just men, even women are daring to dress up in them.

So, what are the Baja hoodies?

Basically, Baja describes the type of material that is used to craft these jackets. Synonym for a Spanish term, this word means flannel in English, indicating the characteristic multi-colored, crossed-patterned designs that define these hoodies. Many movies of the 80s completely promoted these jackets, and they were worn on screen by men who defined addiction especially. But today, these pullover sweatshirts are very popular among every fashionable class of the world, mostly in the US. Warm, cozy, roomy and eco-friendly, these jackets can be dresses up or down in numerous ways. Well, a aton of unflattering labels over the years, but these jackets are no more considered outcaste! Even the much classy and posh celebs are witnessed wearing them with confidence!

The style and structure they refer to

This type of jacket is seen mainly with a single large pocket on the front, and vents on the side. These jazzy jackets are mostly adorned with checks or rather plaids, with patterns consisting of horizontal stripes on the sleeves and hood, and vertical stripes down the rest of the jacket. Today, they are made of a variety of fabrics, from cotton to acrylic and polyester. They feature the great qualities of being waterproof and fast-drying and consist of soft lining for extra comfort and warmth. Also, because the striped pattern resembles a Mexican serape, they are often termed as ponchos these days by a section of people as well. The leading hoodie manufacturers USA are giving way to a wide array of Baja hoodies to cater to the endless demands of fashionable people.

In the 21st century, the Baja hoodies have been reinvented by the manufacturers to suit new needs of people and today, they are softer and more comfortable. Though the conventional cut is kept intact, and they are roomy presently as well, they are far less slouchy and don’t make you look like a sack.

How to style Bajas? For men

Though these hoodies are for men traditionally, still young enthusiasts do face some confusions to deck up in them with finesse. Invoking a sense of nostalgia from the ’80s, these are quite versatile jackets can be easily dressed up or down in a number of ways. You can team them up with cargos, chinos, denim, polos, tees and much more. But you shouldn’t wear them casually to social events or workplaces where the attire needs to be serious or proper.

The etiquettes to style Bajas for women

Women are also investing in the roomy and comfy Baja hoodies, and make sure you get one crafted by a leading Mexican Baja hoodie manufacturer to retain utmost authenticity. Women can try simple and flowing silhouettes for body-skimming and not body-hugging looks. The idea is to be chic, and instead of only pairing them with denim, you should experiment them by teaming them up with body con dresses or shorts as well!

Thus, go ahead and pick up some of the most amazing Baja hoodies from the market soon!


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