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Here’s How to Up Your Style Game Beyond the Great Hoodies!

here's how to up your style game beyond the great hoodies

Are you a maniac for great hoodies? Well, apparel is surely one of the best things to have in your wardrobe, more so now with immense variety. However, style is only as good as the kind of variation you have, and sometimes you need to let your hoodies rest.

But do not worry, in this blog, we are going to bring you some of the top collections for layering that are not the hoodie. So, forget zip up hoodies for now, and let us focus on what’s new and happening.

The Sportcoat

If you are looking for something that gives of a balanced casual and yet formal vibe, then the sportcoat is your ultimate choice. It looks clean cut and has one of the most definitive impact on your casual wardrobe.

Mostly available in neutral colors, you can also get it in shades of blue or in prints, depending on your personal taste. The sportcoat comes with a vibe that is more manly, but retains a boyish charm, something hoodies always fail to do.

Try on a sportcoat today, and do not forget to wear the right fit. It can be well paired with polos, shirts, v neck tees, and more. Wear it with khakees or chinos underneath, and you are going to look pretty great!

Button Mock Cardigan

Another one that makes you look like a man with a job, and yet is not too corporate and serious. At some point in our lives, we must try to change our style towards something that looks more responsible and gives a better first impression (unless you are Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs), and this apparel does just that.

It is available in various solid colors and is perfect to wear to the office and will not let you down if you choose to gulp down a few beers after.

You can pair this one with shirts, tees, jeans, or trousers – and it will give you look unlike any wholesale baja hoodies ever!

Shawl Collar Cardigan

Shawl collars are in and anyone who does not see it, must understand now. This cardigan looks cool, makes you feel like a dapper cover model, and has the style and panache to give you a hipster look.

Add a plaid shirt underneath, hipster glasses, and a nice leather belt watch to make your look as amazing as it can possibly get – also, try to keep a stubble for this look.

The shawl collar cardigan is best paired with slim fit chinos, leather shoes, and more – which is what makes it an absolutely dapper experience.

These are our 3 alternatives for the hoodie that give you a better feel and taste – and make you look more like a man. So, enjoy that for a while now!


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