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How to Find a Wholesale Hoodie Manufacturer in the USA

how to find a wholesale hoodie manufacturer

A popular piece of clothing that many people prefer throwing on, especially in the cold season, is a hoodie. From keeping the wearer warm to being perfect for any kind of activity, since there are loads of benefits to getting one, people all around the world, irrespective of age and gender, love hoodies and are found to be buying them frequently. So, if you are a business owner debating on how to find a hoodie manufacturer in hoodies then of course you should.

To make the most amount of profit, attract more and more customers, and make a name in the industry, make sure you connect with only the best hoodie manufacturer in the USA.

Understanding Your Hoodie Manufacturing Needs

As soon as you get in touch with the most prestigious hoodie maker, the team listens to your business goals, and understands your vision— what kind of innovation you are planning, how different you want your products to be from anything seen in the market, etc, and based on that your order is created by the talented team of design professionals of the manufacturing company. Remember, a renowned company will not only generate your items as per your specifications and wishes but will also suggest additional tips on how you can offer a more amazing buying experience to your valued customers. Understanding your hoodie manufacturing needs, the ultimate target of such a supplier will be to make ever-lasting professional relations with you.

A reliable USA-based hoodie manufacturer will come with the required experience and top-notch equipment to produce premium-quality products for you. The team will always remain up-to-date with the latest international trends and will have a relatively quick production process so that you don’t need to wait for a long period of time to receive your order. On wholesale orders, you will get crazy discounts from such a hub.

Types Of Hoodies You Can Manufacture

When you decide to work with a famed supplier, you get loads of options to choose from. Some of the most popular styles that are heavily in demand are:

Polo hoodies:

custom short sleeve casual polo hoodie supplier

The polo hoodies are a cozy and fashionable mix. The little symbol right at the front separates them from the rest and lends a touch of sophistication and elegance to the overall appearance of the hoodie. Initially, the polo hoodie was a trademark of a particular business but today, it’s typically used to describe a specific type of design. Polo hoodies combine the best of both a t-shirt and a hoodie.

Zip-up Hoodies:

men zip-up hoodie manufacturer

One of the most common styles of hoodies that people love to sport is the zip-up hoodie. This style resembles pull-over hoodies but has a zipper down the front instead of a kangaroo pocket. Also, they generally have a drawstring around them as it helps to keep the hood in place when it’s zipped up. Zip-up hoodies are available in a myriad of colors, styles, prints, and sizes and can be worn in warm weather as they can be smoothly unzipped if the temperature rises.

Sustainable Hoodies:

wholesale sustainable zip up hoodies manufacturer

Mostly crafted out of a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester made from plastic bottles, sustainable hoodies are the favorite of both eco-conscious entrepreneurs and their customers. These hoodies not only score high in comfort but also in fashion and durability. They are constructed using low-impact dyes and toxic chemicals and fertilizers are avoided in their production.

Custom 3D Hoodies:

wholesale custom 3D hoodies for men

When you want to design such hoodies that reflect your own exceptional taste and preferences in them, you call them custom hoodies. Also, with loads of simple and versatile customization options made available by the manufacturer, you can show your creativity and make them extraordinary. Based on the likes and preferences of your target audience, you can customize any style you want.

Printed Hoodies:

one piece ace printed hoodie supplier

Printed hoodies often sport an interesting design on the front. They are bought in large numbers by people who want to express their style or personality through them. While some of these hoodies display words or texts, others feature a variety of abstract images that can be very appealing to the eyes. Printed hoodies are perfect for different casual events and occasions.
Selecting and contacting a Hoodie Manufacturer

Do your research on ‘how to find a hoodie manufacturer’ for your business. Once you have narrowed down your search, select and get in touch with the best. Consider their experience, price, and quality of products, and shipping times above all. Go with a supplier that can offer you superior-quality products at a price that aligns with your current business budget, provides you with the fastest shipping options, and has experience working for years with reputed brands.

Factors for Choosing the Perfect Custom Hoodie Manufacturer

Plan to sell custom hoodies? Remember these 3 factors when finding a custom hoodie manufacturer.

Work Quality

To check the quality of their work, do a background check or ask for a list of their previous products. Get feedback and testimonials from their past clients.

Customer Support

Evaluate their customer support through their pricing and design support offerings.

Minimum Quantity Order (MOQ)

Enquire about their MOQ so as to see whether your business model fits their terms and conditions. It’s advisable to pick a supplier that offers an attainable MOQ.


To do your best in the hoodie business, follow all the points mentioned above. In this way, you will be able to make your collection the talk of the town in no time.


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